11 Sep 2020

Refinance Your Home Loan. 

Not sure if it’s the right time to look at refinancing your loan?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the below questions than now could be the time to get your financial ducks in a row and get onto that refinance with a Perth Mortgage Broking team committed to helping you save money..

 Is Your Interest Only Period is About to Expire?

For investors with interest only loans, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a loan review when the interest only period is coming to an end. With the changes in investment lending over recent years, banks have shifted their policies regarding interest only loans and the way they are serviced. Make sure you talk to your Broker prior to the expiration, as if another interest only period cannot be sought from your existing lender then looking at others may be a sound strategy.

Do You Have an Ageing Loan?

The older a loan, the least likely it is going to be competitive in the current market. The lending landscape is volatile at the best of times, so regular reviews of your loan product and rate are a must. As a rule of thumb, you would want to make sure you have a conversation with your Broker every year to either tweak your current arrangements or overhaul to a new Lender, if you stand to benefit from doing so.

Were You on an Introductory Rate?

Some mortgage holders are seduced by introductory or “honeymoon rates” when taking out a new mortgage facility. These products usually offer a discounted rate for the first couple of years, but when this period expires the loan will revert to a new product and a rate that is likely to be significantly higher. If you had an introductory rate when your loan settled, then it may be time to look at when it expires and have a contingency plan in place.

Have Your Personal Circumstances Have Changed?

When taking out a new loan some customers may have had extraordinary circumstances that meant they were limited to the Lenders whose policies fit their unique personal position. For instance, perhaps there may have been a credit impairment such as discharged bankruptcy or defaults on their credit file. Alternatively, at the time the applicant may have had a more modest income available which limited Lender options due to servicing. If you think changes in your personal position may have a positive impact on your potential lending options, then a review with your Broker should be high on your list of priorities.

Have You Have Gained More Equity?

In the case where a mortgage holder settled on their loan with a high loan-to-value ratio, there is a good chance the interest rate applicable was not the sharpest in the market. Quite often banks price their loans in accordance with how much deposit is available, with those loans in the over 80% LVR bracket having higher interest rates due to increased risk. If your equity position has improved through the loan being paid down significantly or property market upward movements, there may be scope to refinancing to a cheaper product.

Are You Purchasing Additional Property?

Expanding your property portfolio is an opportune time to review your overall lending options. There is no reason that you should stay with your existing bank when settling on a new property. You want to make sure your new arrangements are still financially savvy, and you are maximising your returns as an investor. What some mortgage holders don’t realise is that you can refinance to a new Lender at the same time you settle on a new property.

Are You Sure Your Current Lender Has Your Back?

Loyalty is a noble quality, but it only gets you so far in the world of finance. If you don’t believe your current bank has been looking after you or met your service expectations, then a review of your options could be timely. Your Mortgage Broker can determine if there are suitable options elsewhere.

Are you turned off by the cost of refinancing? 

Don’t be. When moving your lending from one lender to another there are usually some fees charged in doing so, but this cost should me mitigated by the savings to be enjoyed from the new rate so in real terms you are unlikely to be out of pocket. However to help cover the cost in moving, several lenders are offering rebates as an added incentive to win your business.

Refinancing is not as difficult or time consuming as you might think. With an experienced team of Perth Mortgage brokers dedicated to getting you a great home loan Blackburne Mortgage Broking can help you save money on your mortgage and put more of your hard earned money in your back pocket.


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