A good mortgage broker ensures they understand their clients’ needs and that sometimes means thinking ahead about things that would not even register on the client’s own radar.

Results of an interesting study released in the new year by Deutsche Bank claim that mortgages are indeed “not expensive relative to rent”, suggesting the average renter spends more of their household income on rent ...

It’s no secret that for the better part of 2016 we were pretty vocal about letting you know that the banking landscape was full of great offers.

Bankwest have rolled out their new no-frills product - The Equaliser Home Loan, which has piqued quite a bit of interest with our customers here at Blackburne Mortgage Broking.

We strive to offer the best customer experience here at Blackburne Mortgage Broking for all clients that walk through our door. These are just a few of the customers who gave us feedback in December

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