24 Jun 2019

With the rolling out of Comprehensive Credit Reporting, consumers are urged to know how their credit score looks particularly if they intend to apply for a new credit facility. That’s where the Credit Health App comes in.

Developed by online comparison site Credit Card Compare, the Credit Health App is designed to give consumers more access to their personal credit score to assist them in monitoring their credit health in real time and therefore make informed decisions that will improve their overall position to lenders.

This free app gives users the ability to check their credit score whenever they choose and track its trajectory over time. The user will also be notified when any changes occur. In addition, it contains features that educate the users on how credit scores work and what steps can be taken to improve your own score.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting not only tracks the negative aspects of your credit history but the positive also. Good repayment histories are included in borrower’s files with consistent payments now having bearing on how your score is determined. This now means that your financial conduct as whole is considered, not just the blemishes and the App is reflective of this.

Currently the Credit Health App is available to Apple users only with the developer set to release a version for Android users in due course.

Want to know more about Comprehensive Credit Reporting? Check out our recent credit reporting article which outlines what it means and what impact it may have on your finance moving forward.

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