29 Mar 2019

Most lenders in the market are currently enticing new business and seeking to retain existing customers by offering competitive fixed rate products. St George are serious about winning your business with a market leading fixed rate product as well as offering great incentives as a bonus.

The St George current 2-year Fixed products are certainly worth a look should you be in the market to buy a new home or refinance to a better rate. For owner occupiers, you have the chance to lock in 3.69% per annum (5.03% Comparison Rate) along with 3.89% per annum (5.51% Comparison Rate) for investors wishing to pay principal and interest and tackle their debt head on.

Why Fix?

Although everyone’s circumstance is different, there are some clear advantages to fixing your home loan. Apart from the certainty of repayments and the capacity to budget effectively, fixed rates in general are as competitive as they have ever been with real savings to be enjoyed. But if fixing is still not something you are unsure about, it’s good to remember that you can still have a variable loan to enjoy the flexibility a variable rate loan offer.

Incentives being offered by St George can really sweeten the deal if its more than a great rate you are after. Those customers purchasing a new property will enjoy a $1500 purchase rebate and those customers looking to refinance will benefit from a $2000 refinance rebate per property being refinanced. But the benefits of choosing St George don’t end there. They also offer a Family Pledge policy whereby a family member (usually a parent) can offer up part of the security of their home to help with a property purchase which may assist those struggling to find the deposit for a new home.

Currently St George are delivering on fast turnaround times, guaranteeing to have your application with an assessor within three business days. In addition, once your loan is approved there is no need to wait for your loan documents to be posted. Our brokers have the capacity to get the documents emailed straight to them, saving several days from the time between approval and settlement.

If you would like more information on St George home loans or any other lender’s products contact your Blackburne Mortgage Broker. There are hundreds of loans we have access to, and we are relentless in finding the one that suits you.

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