Why Use A Mortgage Broker

Banks only have access to a limited number of products whereas we at Blackburne Mortgage Broking have access to multiple lenders, but that just scratches the surface.

A good mortgage broker will make a commitment to be your financial advocate, always in your corner when it counts. This in turn will provide you with the peace of mind that your financial well-being is being nurtured to help you reach your goals.

Below is a list of key reasons why using a Mortgage Broker is the smart way to go when it comes to your financial wellbeing.

They Seek To Understand Your Needs

A broker’s primary goal is to serve their client and their finances best interest. This involves assessing your financial needs and goals to determine what kind of product is most suitable and most financially savvy.

They Go Into Bat for You When It Counts

In a perfect world a loan application will sail through to settlement with ease and on time. Unfortunately, in reality this is often not the case, through no one’s own fault, just because “stuff happens”. Your mortgage broker liaises not only with the lender but also other related parties such as your real estate agent and settlement agent, often acting as an advocate on your behalf, working to get the best result possible.

They Navigate You Through the Murky Waters of Mortgage Paperwork

Whether it be the loan application or the mortgage documents, your mortgage broker will go through all the documentation with you, helping you complete them and answer any questions you may have. The result will be a sound understanding of what you are signing rather than blind faith that all is under control.

They Will Be Your Financial Partner

The relationship does not end once the settlement goes through. In fact, this is only the beginning. A good mortgage broker will maintain regular contact throughout the life of the loan to ensure it still meets your financial needs, it is still aligned with your financial goals and still sits competitively in the financial marketplace.

They Know People

An established broker will have an arsenal of industry professionals in their network who they may refer you to should the need arise. Whether it be a Financial Planner you need, a Realtor, Settlement Agent or Accountant, your broker will be able to provide a holistic approach to your financial needs by referring any one of these associated professionals.

And don’t forget you get all of this plus more, without it costing you a cent. There are not too many professional services that can offer so much value without a hefty fee attached.

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